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So much happening
Things seem to be going all wrong lately but i did have a small bit of joy happen. I'm getting a new basset hound. He is red and white and I am going to call him Nino! He is so cute and only 4 months old! Hope he likes my orange and white cat named Ohno. 😊 I think we will take the road trip to pick him up in a week or so.

Just had to vent
No one to talk to.
Been up since 4:00am.
Turn on the tv and see this scumbag representative from Alabama say...actually say that only good people are healthy and bad people are sick.
He's referring to preexisting conditions and the healthcare bill they want to pass.
That asshole! Wish i could strangle him through the tv! That has nothing to do if you have a preexisting condition! I never smoked....hardly ever drink...and there is no cancer in my immediate family background. But I got cancer. Now I'm one of many he considers "bad"? It upset me so much I've been crying for the past 30 mins.wondering why anyone voted for this idiot....Mo Brooks to begin with. I tried to call his number but they only let Alabama numbers get through so i called one of my representatives. Told him what i thought of the health bill and what he could tell Mo Brooks when he saw him for me!
Thought writing here would help...maybe not. I'm still upset. Thanks for putting up with my rant.

When it rains it pours!
Two days ago my half grown cat Ohno came home limping. Called the vet and brought him in today. After xrays...examination...the vet spouts off about some medical jargon and we decide to splint the leg. He said if he does not take to the $200. splint (if he goes nuts)then we will have to put a pin in with surgery (freakin $1,000.!). Cat is getting expensive for a rescued cat! Oh well, i love him. His sister Mikan has been searching for him....they are pretty much inseparable which will be hard since the vet wants him inside and quiet for four weeks.
I got word around 5 this evening that I could pick him up after 9 in the morning....guess that might mean he's doing ok?
Now I'm having to deal with a raccoon outside trying to steal the other cat's food! (Shakes fist!)
Hope everyone is doing great!😊

Curious, confused, and holidays
Hope this journal note gets out....having trouble just getting things to type on here until i restarted the machine! Anyway,i want to know if anyone is using the so called hearts LJ was going to start using? I have not seen any.
On another note.....its Thanksgiving here in the USA....and i am going out to eat with my family. Yep,we save the big eating together at home for Christmas now. Hope everyone is doing great! 😊

Met an Arashi fan!
I went to Jacksonville Florida for a checkup/vacation and met the most sweetest person! First day we ate at Kuzu's....which has now changed its name to Kazu's Sushi Burrito! Lol! Still good though. My doctor said i would not have to come back unless there was a problem. So we decided to check out the local Japanese markets (i mainly wanted to see if anyone sold magazines or something I'd seen. Any way we chose Circle Japan (cause they sold melon bread). We walk in....i find a mag but its only got Aiba on the cover and i dont see an article...oh well. Then i see she's out of melon bread so i go to the counter to ask about it and see large Arashi uchiwas on display! I ask her if they are for sell and she says no....their hers...we get to talking and shes floored that i not only know about them but love them too! She showed me her Johnny pictures from her trip there....so many great pictures! Ohno is her favorite and when i mentioned his fingers she was surprised again and gave me one of her Ohno pictures....OMG....told her we would come back the next day for the melon bread. Before we left she practically gave us two red bean bread she just baked...OMG it was great! So after the zoo (which was an all thing....too many cranky kids)we went back. I wanted to take her picture but she beat me to it...she took a picture of us and my friend took a picture of her taking that....they both looked good.😊
We talked more....i got her card...and before i left she gave me another picture of Ohno! I think she was happy to meet me too! I'm just so excited! She did say she was fixing to go back for a visit soon....hope she has fun. My sister is soooo jealous. Lol! I also had my internet guru friend find and download onto my divice Assassination Classroom 2....saw it last night....shhh...dont tell my sister. He also found Train to Bushan.....which for a zombie movie was too tension filled but we had to see what happened to Gong Yu. Anyway....still on vacation untill tomorrow....already put my feet in the cold Atantic for the first time too. Lets see what trouble we can get into today! 😎

I'm so depressed!
WTF! How can this be happening?! I can't watch anymore! Trump.....that bastard is winning! I'm gonna be sick! I will never call him president! I hope the people that voted for him get stabbed in the back by him cause that is what he's gonna do. Turn us back to the dark ages when abortions were illegal....take gay rights away....kiss that Russian dictators butt (because he seems to like it) ......kiss the environment goodbye.....and with his hate for minorities....god help us all! I'm suppose to leave for Jacksonville to see my surgeon for a check up but this is really putting a damper on any fun now. Shame on them for giving it so much power! 😣

Ugh! He's in my town!
That blasted Trump is speaking in my town! I wanted to go out to the beach and protest against him but the traffic was so bumper to bumper I couldn't get over the bridge so I turned around. There were a lot of people that were worried about me doing that since Trump mobs get violent too. I heard some people did go out there. Sorry if I rant but this just burns

How can things change so fast
I'm sitting here crying cause my sweet bullmastiff Sir Wyatt is now gone. He had emergency surgery to find out what was wrong with him. They found too much had gone wrong in him so we made the hard decision of letting him go. Such a sweet baby......he was going to come live in my backyard again when it got cooler. I know this is too sad to share but it some how makes me feel better. Its just not fair.

Just when things start looking up......
Sorry, I'm in a ranting mood.......I have two more radiation treatments left.......that's the good news. Bad news is I stubbed my big toe nail at lunch today. Half of it came up so now it hurts if its moved or touched. Went to a walk in clinic but they did not want to take it off. They said it would eventually fall off. Gave me an antibiotic and told me to soak it in epsom salt then wrap it. You know how hard it is to do that when you dont even want to touch it? Ugh! My mom said go see a foot doctor Monday. Guess I'll call around and find out who takes my insurance. Well, that helped getting that off my chest. If its not one thing its another right? Anyway, thanks for listening. Take care. : )

Sometimes I hate paypal!
So the preorder for Japonism Dvd is out! I have been trying for an hour so far and it keeps turning my paypal down at CdJapan! I just ordered two books earlier today from them.......now it wont work! I know I have room on my credit card.....so I called paypal. I could barely understand the woman but she did say try again in a few hours. Paypal isnt recognizing me at this time.Like I said....sometimes I hate paypal. : (